Here's What You Missed At Super Strong Style 16

I've been going to Progress Wrestling at the Electric Ballroom for two years now, and it continues to grow to levels that no one seemed to expect. It reached a huge milestone as Progress extended their annual weekender to three days. It's a tough feat for 700+ fans, all the crew and wrestlers to endure, so it's hard to summarise three days of wrestling.

Match To Watch On-Demand: Jeff Cobb vs Matt Riddle (Day 2)

I don't know where to begin with this match. It feels like one big blur, but I was introduced to Jeff Cobb via Progress this weekend. I'm no indy aficionado, but I knew Cobb would be one to watch, and he proved it against Riddle. I was jumping out of my seat in the hopes he'd win- Cobb has a move set unlike anything I've seen. Go out of your way to watch this match, and Progress...please bring Cobb back regularly!

WTF Moment: Tyler Bate vs Matt Riddle (Day 3)

Your eyes aren't deceiving you- that is former WWE United Kingdom Champion, Tyler Bate, barefoot wrestling with Matt Riddle. There was a lot of grappling in this match, and it was a style that Tyler doesn't usually wrestle in, so it was interesting to say the least. I'm glad Riddle was eliminated at the semi final stage and showed he is somewhat human (and it seems Walter has taken notice too...)

Awesome Moment Of The Weekend: WE HAVE A WOMEN'S BELT!!

I'm a big supporter of women's wrestling, so I was thrilled when Progress announced last year that the 4th Natural Progression Series was going to determine the first Progress Women's Champion. What was even better was that the final would be the main event of Day 2. Two piledrivers (one on the entrance ramp!) to Jinny led to Toni Storm becoming Women's Champion. It was great to end a show on a Womens Wrestling chant.

MVP of the Weekend: Travis Banks

I remember last year when Travis Banks debuted. He snuck to the side where I usually sit, and interrupted a match involving TK Cooper. When I said "What's Travis Banks doing here?", I was mostly met with "Who's Travis Banks?" 2017 has truly been his breakout year, and it showed in all four matches he competed in. The best sort of wrestlers are the ones who can adapt their style to match their opponent. In a wrestling world where you can have "big man's wrestling", "flippy shit", "strong style", "WWE" and "bendy stuff", Travis Banks showed he is a hybrid of all styles and is someone who truly deserves to have the spotlight shone on him. He has grown to be a consistently outstanding wrestler, and I can't wait for him to become Progress Champion.

Now onto the important stuff:

Amount of times I left my chair: At least 10 times. Three of which I blame Jimmy Havoc for. Despite this...

Broken Chair Count: None! I managed to keep the same chair for the whole weekend.

I guess that's what you need to know for now. Super Strong Style 16 is set to go on demand via this weekend, but keep an eye on the Progress Twitter to confirm.

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